Day 822: mining again, and coal

Day 822:

Spent the day down in the southern end mining to bring the mountain down. Most of the time it’s all stone, which I turn into rubble and haul away to use as fill. (I’ve discovered that it makes great fill when I hit bedrock because I can’t dig up bedrock and this way I’m not trying to walk around on a wildly uneven surface.)

(Hauling rock underground instead of out of the ground is a bit odd, I’ll say that much.)

Anyway, most of the time it’s stone but every once in a while I hit a coal seam and get to take something out of the ground that’s actually useful. I’ve been veery careful to try to keep my coal-burning activities limited to places with great ventilation (even if they’re underground) because I know ultimately the smoke from this stuff will kill me. Ultimately, not having a source of fire right now will kill me faster.

A two-block-wide cliff with six blocks of coal visible in the floor. Beyond the zigzagging cliff's edge, a view of the far-below river valley.