Photo of Embryon's backglass as described in the post

Embryon, Bally, 1980.

There is some wild shit going on here.

First, the background: we are in a hallway of metal walls and grates like something off the set of Alien.

Dead center is a big circular metal tunnel with two human brains in semicircular containers clamped to the outside.

On the left, organic spheres about the size of basketballs are pouring out of something conveyor-like.

On the right, a sphere that comes to about waist height has a decidedly humanoid shape growing in it.

In the center, a man in a tight metallic blue shirt, red suspenders, with pilot goggles perched on his forehead stands behind a sphere that comes to his waist. His right hand rests on it.

A semi-feminine (or possibly starving) humanoid with red skin, a green drape, sits some kind of yellow goo inside the sphere. This, we presume, is the embryon.

This is some kind of fucked up, y’all.