Jack-Bot: A Pinbot Adventure

Photo of the jack bot backglass as described in the post

Jack-bot, Williams, 1995. In a just world I would be doing Pinbot, Bride of Pinbot, and *then* Jackbot, because I believe that’s the order they came out in.

Jackbot is casino-themed, and the backglass features the Pinbot character holding the Bride of Pinbot character like a man carrying a bride over the threshold.

Bride is kicking off a shoe (robots need shoes?! Oh well they’ve got breasts too so…) and looking as coquette-ish as a Ray Bradbury Era robot could.

Pinbot is, in addition to their bride, carrying a hand of cards, possibly Keno, possibly Poker. Pinbot has what appears to be triple 7s on their casino chest. A planet is up in the top right corner and a space station to the left.