Photo of the backglass for excalibur as described in the post

Excalibur, another goddamned Gottleib, 1988. It’s no wonder I’m playing like shit tonight.

A giant man emerges from the ground (the waist up, anyway) wearing armor and swinging a big sword around while his cape

Other warriors smaller than the palm of his hand battle around him. A castle stands on a hill in the background.

Bad Girls

A photo of the backglass for Bad Girls as described in the post

Bad Girls, by Gottlieb, 1988.

This backglass is a giant photo of a bar or possibly pool hall.Front and center is a small pool table with chrome stripes around its table walls. Women are playing pool – one in black stockings and a pink strapless dress, one in a black strapless leather shirt and pink shirt (and again with the stockings) and one in a black bikini top and pink skirt. Some random men stand around in the background watching the girls. “Bad Girls” is written in a handwriting script up in the top right corner.

All I can say is between the stilettos and the tight clothes, that’s a hell of an uncomfortable way to play pool.


Photo of the count-down backglass as described in the post

Count-Down, 1979, goddamned Gottleib.

An astronaut in a pale blue space suit sits in his cockpit in space while a… alien space princess with pink hair in a scanty red dress and tiara with huge red stone in it floats outside his window.

Either that or he’s high as fuck.

Big House

A photo of the backglass for Big House as described in the post

Big House, 1989, a goddamned Gottleib.

This one is jailbreak themed. And that would be fine. But most of the characters drawn in the backglass art are anthropomorphic caricatures of 1950s Hollywood stars from the mob movies of the era. Two have the heads of dogs, one appears to be a cat, one is a rat, all dressed in black and white striped prison uniforms… and there are also a few humans on the glass, all of which look like they’re the “good guys”. It’s very noir-adjacent.