Day 716: Still ducking raining

Day 716: Gah what I would give for some sunlight.

Still raining, so I’m still mining.

Today I found a very deep hole full of zombies. Unfortunately, they had a way out of the hole.

Today I shot a lot of zombies.

Tonight I’m making more arrows. And wishing I had a dog to give all this raw meat to. Or maybe a hyena. Do people keep pet hyenas? Plenty of rotting flesh and bones available if a hyena rescue wants to drop me off some friends.

Day 715: More rain

Day 715:

Woke up this morning, went outside, it was pouring again. Which of course means not enough rain to keep the monsters away, and at the same time not enough dry to not-get electrocuted. As I’m a fan of neither monsters nor electrocution, I headed back in to do more mining.

Maybe this place does have a rainy season and we’ve finally hit it? I have to say the temperature hasn’t changed much, so I don’t think it’s a proper winter. It’s just wet.

It’s so wet I’ve actually had monsters coming down the stairs of my cave to get out of the rain.

No flooding still though.

Anyway, my wish from the other day came true to a certain extent. I found both coal and iron ore, and I can definitely use both. The coal especially, because the area that I’m manually terraforming (or “landscaping” if you prefer the old term) is loaded with both sand and clay, so I can make more glass and bricks.

So that’s good news.

The bad news is that every pair of socks I own is soaked.

Day 714: rollercoaster

Day 714:

Some day I will find a vein of ore that doesn’t wander, but today wasn’t that day.

I dug down… then up… then left… then up some more… hit a different vein… chased that one back down… the to the right… then to the right again…

I excavated the wall I wanted to clear only to find more two veins hiding behind it…

Sometimes I get so distracted chasing all this that I end up with a chamber way bigger than I initially intended. That’s happening a lot right now.

It’d be nice if I found something valuable while I’m in here (other than granite, which is incredibly valuable everywhere in the known galaxy but here…). I could do with some more coal, or maybe some emeralds to trade with the weird llama guy.

Heck, I’d take a nice sparky rock if I could find one.

Oh! I did find some mushrooms yesterday so I’m considering some nice mushroom soup soon. If they’re not poisonous. They look like small versions of the big mushroom trees though so I think they’ll be ok.

Soup would be nice in all this rain.

Day 713: it’s raining, it’s pouring

Day 713: It’s raining

I was out clearing brush from nearby when the skies opened up. Got some digging to the east done, found another seam of granite in the area I’m clearing.

I’m still fascinated by the fact that it can rain here for days and the lakes and rivers don’t rise in the least. On the other hand, we’ve had stretches of nice weather for days at a time and the water levels don’t fall either.

I guess I should be glad though. Caving is dangerous business when the water levels are fluid (hah see what I did there?) and I’ve already gotten dunked a few times digging into the river as it is.

The thunder started late in the evening, and once again I could hear it a few levels down in my current mining shaft. It’s a bit creepy, and the kind of thing I would have drown out with music when I was groundbound… which I am again.

Day 712: That’s a lot of days

Day 712:

Mulling over the calendar while I wait for my ducken sandwich to grill on the forge.

You know what I haven’t done in over 712 days?  Lost my keys.

Might be a new record.