Day 424: Slimes are back

Day 424:

I’m still looking for diamonds. I hit a good sized cache today and now I’m up to about half of what I want to have before I go back to the sheep hunt. And for good reason – the monsters are getting worse.

(I’m now wondering if there’s some kind of seasonality to them, but since I screwed up my numbering it’s very difficult to tell… well also there don’t seem to be seasons here…)

Anyway, the area where I harvested the diamonds is a massive cavern that I worked on previously too… but today it was full of giant slimy cubes again. It’s like being chased by carnivorous dessert. Not a fan.

Day 423: nothing yet

Day 423: Nothing on the diamond front yet.

The sky’s a dark grayish blue and the rains won’t stop. Even the sun can’t cut through the gloom.

I’m contemplating trying to make pancakes from this roughly-ground flour I’ve made. Pancakes might cheer me up.

I wish I knew how to make sausage. I know it involves spices, intestine, and meat. And that’s all I know.

Well, I also know that smoking them in coal smoke is bad for me, so that’s the other problem.

Anyway, rain, no diamonds, no sausage, possibly pancakes if it’s still raining and I feel like I need a break tomorrow.

Day 422: Down at the bottom

Day 422:

I’m still digging down at the bottom of the planetoid, right up against the bedrock layer. It’s hot. There’s lava. There’s a lot of duckens. And there’s not a lot of diamond.

But I’m holding out for 100 sizable chunks because if I can get to that, the armor I can make will last me probably all the way up the sheep mountain and back with sheep.

It’s, well, boring if you excuse the incredibly deadly don’t-screw-up parts. But it beats freezing to death and will eventually get me to that goal.

Warm socks. I just have to remember I’m holding out for warm socks.

Day 421: a year

Day 421:

Another thing my numbering mistake hid from me is that I’ve been here at least a standard Old Earth year now. I say “at least” because the day lengths here are obviously extremely shorter, but I’m at 421 of them, so I’m still pretty sure that I passed 365 Old Earth years.

As for now many Standard years I’ve been here, well, to be honest, i’m not even going to try to guess unless someone wants to miraculously drop me a horrible-rock-to-Standard-day converter. And if they do that, and don’t pick me up, then they are horrible people.

Day 420: bad accounting

Day 420:

So yesterday I got back a little early from my work and decided I wanted to look up when something happened in here…

…and discovered that when I’d meant to number day 300, I had numbered it day 230.

I don’t know what I was thinking.

Probably I had taken a blow to the head recently.

Anyway, I could try to go through a hundred or so posts and try to renumber them, but that would make a mess of most of these pages, so I’m not.

Instead, I’m just going to keep going like nothing happened. Because really, having some numbers out of whack, while extremely embarrassing, isn’t nearly as important to my life as making sure the zombies can’t get in the windows.