Day 543: anvils

Day 543:

Did you know you could wear out an anvil? All those cartoons we all watched as kids, all those dropped anvils, nobody ever suggested one could wear out.

And yet the one that I forged when I first figured out how to forge has broken down so badly that it’s not even repairable (and what would I repair it on? Another anvil?) so I’ve ended up melting the best surviving bits of it down.

Tomorrow I’ll forge another anvil, I guess, and then look for a good amount of ore…because while making an anvil is critical to shaping good tools, and I can’t not-have one, not-having ore to make good tools kind of make the anvil a moot point.

Somehow I feel like a roadrunner should be responsible for this and I have no idea why.

Day 542: still “landscaping”

Day 542:

At some point this effort to make this hill more easy to navigate around became a mining expedition and I blame granite for being so close to the surface.

I’m still taking it easy because my body is piiiiiiiissssed about yesterday’s ceiling diving, so it’s probably a good thing.

But still, I need to run some rail to this hill if it’s going to be loaded with ore. Especially if I’m going ceiling diving on a regular basis because I hurt. And ore is heavy.

Day 541: Topside

Day 541:

It’s unusual for me to be topside long enough to not only get sunburned, but to peel, have all the skin rub off, and get slightly sunburnt again.

On the other hand, my glass supplies were getting low, my fish supplies were nonexistent, and I really needed some coal. For some reason coal seams appear to be mostly near the surface. (I guess it makes sense if this little rock actually did grow its own life but it seems a bit more doubtful if it was terraformed.)

So I’m up here and a bit pink and spending a lot of time trying different salves and oils and stuff to help with the sunburn… so far with no good results.

Day 540: whoops

Day 540:

Chased a seam of oar near the lake so far into the ground that I found that sea cave I mentioned a few days ago…. by digging into its ceiling. Had it still be filled with the sea the fall would’ve been cushioned a lot more.

Plus the skeletons would have had more difficulty firing their arrows.

Limped my way back to bed after re-sealing the cave. Wishing for tea.

Day 539: slapped

Day 539:

Made good progress on my entry into the Better Planetesimals and Gardens Lakeside Property contest today. Stopped a little early because I didn’t want to get caught out in the dark. Did some fishing.

At one point I reeled in a fish that was fighting me so hard my final yank out of the water pulled it straight up and into my face, where it promptly slapped me with its tail.

I’m hoping that’s not the judge of the Better Planetesimals and Gardens contest. Although if it is I want to know how the fark to get off this rock!