Day 271: Can’t leave well enough alone

Day 271:

A few days ago I swore I was going to stop digging down from the place  where I’m at, because it wasn’t getting me any closer to my goals.

Yeah, I was lousy at that.

I got some digging back toward the sheep done, and then I got distracted by a beautiful vein of granite, and now I’m back deep into this mine shaft again.

Well, at least I’m consistent, even if it’s going to get me killed.

Day 270: Seasonless cleaning

Day 270:

I’d call it spring cleaning if we had spring, but we don’t.

I spent the day straightening things up and stacking my warehouse more cleanly so I can get to things I need. Now I have a lot more space and I feel a lot more organized.

It didn’t really do much as far as true productivity is concerned, but sometimes cleaning just helps straighten out what needs to be done.

Besides, if that flocking lava flow got blown up one more time this week I was going to lose my mind.

Day 269: hauling

Day 269: It was a hauling day.

That’s a day where I take a whole load of ores that I’ve collected but not hauled back to my “warehouse” back to the warehouse.

Generally, these are incredibly boring days.

Generally, the giraffe-corgis don’t return and blow up the lava glass again.

Today was not a general day.

But hey, got stuff stored securely away from the lava, so I guess that’s a win.

Day 268: Boom tinkle boom tinkle

Day 268:

The highlight of my day was having an exploding giraffe-corgi take out the glass I was using to block a lava flow, then repairing it, then having another giraffe-corgi do it again.

And then getting shot up with arrows by two skeletons while I made the second set of repairs.

Pure magic.


At least I found a cache of coal today so it wasn’t a total loss.

Day 267: Should’ve stayed above ground. Maybe become a shepherd.

Day 267:

Today, I was down in a cavern digging when a zombie dropped down from above and attacked me. So I killed it.

Then another zombie dropped in from above, picked up what was left of the first zombie, which was like a rotted blob of grossness, and attempted to beat me with it.

That was just gross.

I mean, I thought I’d gotten used to everything the horrors of this place had to offer. Rock rats, exploding beasts, spiders the size of ponies, being threatened with a potato… but I really think when your cohort dies and you attack with their still-twitching rotting body, you’ve pushed things too far.

I’m back topside tonight and sleeping in my bed with the doors double-locked. Tomorrow maybe I go look for sheep instead of dealing with monsters. Or I go back to lining the original tunnel instead of trying to mine out the bottom of it.

All I know for sure is I can do without zombies for a few days.