Day 291: Bang bang wham wham

Day 291:

Still working on tools, because I let my supplies run low.

Part of that is just inertia. I’m mining something like a mile from my workshop, and even though I have a stop-off point with other supplies and a minor repair area roughly halfway between here and there, anything that involves serious work needs to be hauled back to the workshop.

And one does get tired of hauling things, when one doesn’t have self-driving maglev sleds.

Anyway, yes, lots of making tools which I then pile into a box so that I have them, and slowly cart to the halfway point so that they’re closer to me when I need them. And I’m getting to the point where I’ve found enough iron I’m seriously considering making my own railroad tracks.

Wish I’d read enough history to know how.

Day 290: More on tools

Day 290:

Decided to take a day off to work on tools, specifically a pickaxe made of diamond.

Or whatever this blue stuff is. I’m sticking with the term diamond because it is by far the hardest substance here, but it’s clearly not actual diamond because diamond is a crystal that fractures, and this stuff is malleable enough to turn into tools.

Anyway, the challenge is that if you don’t have a hammer made of diamond, it takes a lot of strikes from an iron hammer to shape diamond.

So it takes a whole day to make a hammer, and then once I have that hammer it takes about half the day to make a pickaxe, even though the head of the pickaxe is significantly more complex.

And heating this stuff doesn’t do squat, so it’s all cold hammering. Which, I mean, I’m working up enough of a sweat, but it’d be nice to be able to make things a little easier.

Day 289: Bat protection agency

Day 289:

So I’m still at the bottom of the ravine (I bet you’re shocked) mining out ore, but I discovered that about a half level up from where I’ve been digging, the ravine has (by last count) three lava falls, two waterfalls, and two unrelated pools of lava.

We are burning a lot of bats down here is what I’m saying.

So today I spent the day walling in lava so it would stop setting the bats on fire.  Call it my good deed of the week, or call it my desire to not fall into lava, not walk into lava, and not listen to bats screaming anymore. Your choice.

288: Really hard rock

Day 288:

I think I found some obsidian, but it’s the hardest damned obsidian I’ve ever seen. It’s black-ish, glassy, and only appears near lava flows. But I broke two iron picks trying to mine it out of the ground so I could get a better look at it, so it is some seriously tough stuff.

I’m considering making a pick out of diamond just to see if that’ll into it. My last diamond pick lasted a lot longer than the iron ones… the problem being of course that diamond (or whatever this malleable blue rock is) is difficult to find, so constantly using it for tools isn’t very reasonable. Iron is cheap (easy to acquire) and easy to work. Diamond is a pain in the ass, even if it does last ten times as long when it’s finished.

I guess it’ll come down to how stubborn I get about removing this rock.

I miss having a ship’s geologist at my beck and call. Not that she ever was at my beck and call, she answered only to the captain. But she was friendly and liked mystery rocks and, if I did want her attention all I generally needed to do was ask.

People are good like that, you know? Sure, we complain about each other when we’re around, but generally, even if we don’t like each other much, we’ll be nice about things. I miss that too.

The long-nosed zombies are not as nice.

287: Weird Zombies

Day 287:

Occasionally, and today was one of those days, the zombies look weird.

Well, not al of them.

But some of them have really big noses, the kind of noses that should interfere with eating. (I’m not getting close enough to find out if they do.) And they wear different clothes, like brown tattered stuff or white tattered stuff.

I don’t know why.

But the change is kind of nice. If having variety in the murderous beasts trying to destroy you on a daily basis is your definition of nice, anyway.