Please excuse the delay…

…we are on a short hiatus while I get some health / food / exercise regimen stuff straightened out. I never manage to stay way from Minecraft for too long though…

Day 642: kaboom

Day 642:

It’s really hard to grade an area to protect the wildlife when the wildlife wants to blow you up. The explosions make smoothing the dirt a lot harder, and for the matter, they make ensuring you have enough dirt harder.

Still not a fan of the exploding giraffe-corgis is what I’m saying.

On the other hand, I chopped down a whole lot of conifer today and I’m thinking perhaps instead of grading this hole I’ll stick a building on top of it to keep the animals from falling in. That’s probably cheaper and more efficient — definitely more effective than fencing. And logs may not be super explosion-proof but if I’m not living here anyway I’m not sure I care.

Day 641: Free and dry and grouchy

Day 641

Apparently I didn’t become deaf because when I heard the sheep start baaing outside this cave/waterfall combo (worst bed and breakfast ever) I woke up.

Boy I haven’t been this stiff and sore since I landed here. Or was abandoned. Or began hallucinating. Whatever.

Anyway, I swam out. WITH my ore, I might add! Not giving that up. And I climbed out of that cave and went back to my nice warm heated cave and took a long nap.

Then I repaired my tools, checked on my animals, and now I’m going to bed.

Tomorrow I’m going to ensure my bag has plenty of food, water, etc. (much of which I used up yesterday) and then do some more landscaping. I definitely want to keep the sheep out of the torrent of death pond.

Day 640: dug into a pond again

Day 640: I accidentally dug into the bottom of a pond again. But this time I didn’t have any glass with me to seal it up, so I tried to just keep mining around the gushing water.

I’m now huddled around a shelf a few dozen feet deeper than I started, trying to keep warm through the night. It’s too dark to escape – I’ll be eaten by zombies. But I can’t tread water all night or I’ll freeze to death. So I’m wet and grouchy and really glad I put my notebook in a oil sealed waterproof pouch this morning.

I brought it because I thought I might hit one of my chambers and sleep on the far eastern side of the places I’ve dug out. Instead I’m on a ledge in the dark with a torch and a hell of a lot of rushing.

I may never hear again after tonight.

Day 639: Sheep

Day 639:

Biggest falling livestock threat today was sheep. There was even a black one. They seemed intent on falling down the giant hole. I don’t know if that’s typical for Earth sheep or if it’s something peculiar to these sheep. I do know that even in lower G I don’t really want a sheep falling on my head. The cow was traumatic enough.

So grading the area outside the hole is making more and more sense because it lowers the chances of sheep crashing through my makeshift fences and falling into the hole and rotting in the rainwater pond at the bottom.

In this place, that would probably cause some other murderous creature to evolve.