Day 829: crazy trader

Day 829:

I was down on the southern end still mining away at those tall mountains today when the trader with the invisibility potion and the two llamas came to visit. He came from the north, and by that I mean he reached a cliff’s edge and decided to climb down with two llamas on ropes.

It was… awkward. The llamas were able to make the jumps better than the trader and there was a lot of falling and what I presume was cursing.

And I felt kind of bad because he was clearly coming to trade with me but I didn’t have anything to trade.

I’m not going to start carrying emeralds or for that matter any other gems just in case I meet a trader because, well, there are too many murderers around here and I wouldn’t want to give them the satisfaction. Let them kill me and find out all they got was cobblestone. The jerks.A cliff face with a llama about eight meters up the cliff, its owner just below the llama, and another llama almost two full llama heights lower than the man, who is now stuck because the llamas won't move.