Day 828: gelatinous cube attack

Day 828:

Some days (and nights) I’ve been mining, searching for diamonds to make better tools mostly, but also obsidian or coal or other things that I could find helpful.

And, obviously, more ore. Because money is still wonderful.

Anyway, today I got attacked by a giant green cube of lime gelatin.

It has a face.

I don’t know if the face helps or makes things worse. On one hand, the face helps me justify that its behavior is done with intent (as compared to, say, an actual gelatin dessert). On the other hand it’s a gelatin cube with a face and murderous intent.

My nightmares are bad enough as it is.

Anyway, if done carefully the gelatin cube can be hacked to pieces with a sword, though much sword cleaning must be done later. So I don’t have a gelatin cube in my basement anymore but that somehow doesn’t make me feel as relieved and secure as it should.

I mean, how the heck did it get in there in the first place?!?

A very large cobblestone floor studded with torches. A very large green gelatinous cube stands a very far distance away.