Day 297: more ore

Day 297:

I’m closer to the surface than before, which is good, because going down too deep in the caves hurts my head right now. I suspect it’s something having to do with air pressure but my head hurts too much to think about it.

Anyway, found a nice vein of granite, which lead to a nice vein of andesite, which lead to a nice vein of diorite, so if I were on ship right now I’d be collecting a handy bonus. Since I’m marooned on a hostile rock instead, I’m storing it. And occasionally using it to build with. Still.

When I first hurt my head a few days ago I kept thinking I was hearing really loud music out of my left ear a lot. That’s not so bad now – it comes and goes – but I could use with a break. I wish I could change the station at least.

Going to bed before the skeletons come out.

Day 296: ceilings

Day 296:

The only thing more annoying than floors are ceilings, although there’s a lot less of a chance of plunging to your death when you’re hanging a ceiling and standing on a stable floor.

Then again, with a concussion, moving my head hurts in general,  and pointing my nose at the roof for hours on end while I try to put ceiling panels into place hurts like all the things.

So I’m still only working about half days and sleeping the other half.

Didn’t I used to complain about not sleeping? I feel like I did. Well, it hasn’t been a problem lately.

Day 295: taking it slow

Day 295:

Too much underwater, not enough sleep.

I wonder what you eat when your body needs to heal. I hope it’s ducken and potatoes, because that’s what I’ve got.

Going back to bed. Can barely function. Hope the sheep and cows and duckens can feed themselves today.

Day 294: maps and sand

Day 294:

Since I had a map in my pocket, I made it home okay last night despite the blazing headache. I soaked in a cold bath for a while to take the swelling and stuff down, but I’m not sure it helped my headache any.

I don’t feel any broken bits of skull, though, so I’m taking that as a plus.

I used the same map this morning to go back to where I was mining, and then I dug through a wall into the lake that’s south of the area I’ve been digging in. My notes say the lake is freshwater and the other area is seawater or at least brackish and salty, so I’m doing my best to keep them separated. (Which my notes also say is important).

It’s starting to come back to me, but it’s so hard to think when all you can hear is your own pulse through your head and every heartbeat hurts.

I thought that swimming would make it worse, and maybe it will at sufficient depth, but I was able to scoop some sand into some of my bags so that I can make glass out of it. Glass is good, that much I remember regardless of the blow to the brain pan. And while I’m sure a doctor would tell me to take it slow, the cold water really does seem to be helping my head. So I think I’ll be doing the whole “gather sand” thing for the next few days.

Day 293: probably another concussion

Day 293:

Assuming this isn’t all a fever dream from a concussion in the first place, I’ve got another concussion to report.

At least, that’s what I hope it was.

I was down laying floor and the next thing I knew I woke up on said floor with an arrow sticking out of my arm and a lump the size of a ducken egg on the back of my head. This despite the helmet, which is a great reminder that the reason humans eventually invented large companies to make things at low prices was because they could build better things than we schlubs could build on our own.

Anyway, everything’s kind of fuzzy. My memory is crap, which is why I’ve been rereading my log entries. I feel like I’m starting almost all over from scratch, and I’m super tired.

Finished the mining for today and going to see how much of this headache I can sleep off.