Day 741: Under the river

Discovered I was digging under the river the hard way, then hit a chamber that I must have been in before, because it’s got my torches in it. This is happening more and more the longer I’m here…

…which makes logical sense if I really think about it.

Anyway now I have a super-long chamber that I’m trying to figure out what to do with, and a lot more ore. Which is good, but no diamonds.

So digging down needs to happen soon. Like as soon as I get the rest of this ore out of the wall…

Day 740: Whining

Day 740:

I had a good long rant written here about how much this all sucks, hitting yourself in the foot with the pickaxe sucks, fixing things sucks, everything sucks, it’s all horrible…

…and I threw it out because sometimes I just need to have a good childish whine about life and when it’s done, it’s not worth keeping. Nobody needs that in their life.

Day 739: Migration

Day 739:

While we’re talking about numbers, the duckens in the map room keep changing numbers.

Sometimes I go through there and there’s, like, five.

Other times I go through and there’s at least fifty, sometimes more.

Where do they go? What do they do when they’re not in the map room?

For that matter, why the heck are they hanging out in the map room, other than the obvious “because I have all the other door locked”?

I’m not sure, and in part that’s because my being around seems to change their behavior… when I’m around there seem to be more of them. Probably looking for a handout of grain. But that means I can’t exactly stalk my poultry to find out what they’re doing.

Anyway, it’s a thing I’m keeping my eye on. Always good to know where the food is wandering to, and why it’s not where you left it.

Day 738:Counts

Day 738.

0 diamonds today.

15 zombies.

3 exploding giraffe-corgis, one of which exploded before I got too shooting it.

1 really big bruise in my hip where the explosion knocked me on my butt.

4 skeletons shooting at me, 1 recovered bow from the mean skeletons.

1 song from long ago stuck in my head all day. Instrumental, both fortunately and unfortunately, because I can type la da da la da da la de de de de in here and studies show you won’t know the tune… so it won’t get stuck in your head (unless perhaps you are future me reading this in which case it might) but also I can’t ask anyone what it’s called because there are no words for you to hear to identify it.

Maybe the explosion rattled something loose in my brain.

Or maybe this is still all a fever dream and the music is being played next to my bed in whatever coma ward I’m in.

May never be able to tell.

Day 737: Back to the ravine

Day 737:

My digging has brought me back to the ravine, and for some reason the skeletons zombies are still congregating there. I even saw a “kid” zombie with a shovel! If he had been on my side of the ravine, I’d have an extra shovel.

I’m not likely to find diamonds sticking straight out of the ground, here, so I’ve given myself permission to get past it as fast as I can. Unfortunately that still means clearing a lot of stone and rubble going down.

It’s tempting to use that rubble to fill up the ravine, but then when I get down there I’ll have to dig through my own rubble to check for diamonds, and that’s annoying.