Day 806: frozen water, for a change

Day 806:

I was at the top of a cliff, eroding away its surface with very sharp tools, when it started to rain.

Normally that’s my cue to head in, but from where I was standing it was clear that nothing too extremely menacing was in the area, so I decided I’d keep going a little longer.

That’s when I noticed it was snowing, sort of. The rain/snow line here was… crisp. Like visibly crisp. One section was clearly snow and next to it was clearly rain, as if it was falling in organized columns.

Except for the fact that literally nothing here is organized unless I organize it, I’d believe it was falling that way on purpose.

Things got cold and wet pretty quickly, so the rest of my day was spent in front of a warm fire wishing for cocoa plants (or the patience to learn how to brew whiskey).

At the top of the mountain, looking straight up at the sky, where snow falls to the left and rain to the right.