Day 824: Sunset over the easternmost entrance

Day 824:

So I think I mentioned that there were at least two more skeleton horses roaming the woods at the base of the mountain.

I managed to catch one of them today. I thought of using it as a mount, it seems like a nice enough horse, but there are so many murderers around right now that I don’t want to lose this one again as fast as I lost the last one. (That loss still stings a bit.)

Instead, I’ve put the horse in my ranch area paddock meadow field thing. It has the creepiest neigh.

Once I figure out what (if anything) I can do about these murderers, I’ll start using my horse more. The horse is definitely easier (especially overground) to use for travel than the mine carts underground are.  For one thing, it’s hard to steer a mine cart around a zombie if there’s no track available.

It was a beautiful sunset tonight, so I took a picture of it.

The sun setting over the granite roof of the easternmost outpost.