Day 825: a picture of my angry pig men

Day 825:

I’m back at home base because I ran out of tools to the east and I’m not finding diamonds fast enough at night to keep the tools in good condition. (I have a small store of them back home.) It was also a good chance to make sure that all my animals were safe and healthy, and that my crops are still growing.

And to pack up some chicken jerky to take with me because the potatoes I took last time are getting kind of old and I don’t just mean boring.

Here’s a picture of the top part of my ranch bit.

View of a pond with a glass floor. inside, zombie pig men stand on the glass in the pond.

You might notice that there are strange pig-like men with half their face missing in the bottom of my pond. One night we had a horrible thunderstorm and the next morning I found them living in my pond. They don’t seem to need air? They just stand down there? They do seem to know what they’re doing with the swords, though, so I’m just at a live-and-let-live stage  with them.