Day 826: More ranching

Day 826:

I spent the day ranching like a rancher. I cleaned up the field a bit, butchered a couple of pigs (the population in there’s getting a little high) and sheared some of the sheep to make carpet for the cold cave floors.

I also harvested some pumpkins and started roasting them to make pie. Roasting pumpkin is hard because the heat source has to be putting out a consistent heat if you don’t want the meat burned, but wood and even coal aren’t particularly prone to consistency. So in reality I spent most of the time fussing over my fire and the rest of the time ranching and shearing.

Oh! I forgot to mention that yesterday on the way home I caught the other skeleton horse! So now I have two skeleton horses, four angry pig men, and lots of sheep, cows, and pigs.

And yes it probably is rude of me to call them pig men, but their skin is the same color as my pigs, they grunt like pigs, and they have little pig ears. Plus, after the weird thunderstorm four of my pigs had disappeared but four pig men complete with swords and armor were in my pond.

I’m not saying one caused the other but I live in a place with real zombies and undead skeletons so I’m no longer the queen of skepticism either.

Picture of a file with a  brick path cutting through it. It is surrounded by dark wood fence posts. Pigs, sheep, cows, and the occasional skeleton horse can be seen in the field.