Dialed In

Dialed In, 2016, Jersey Jack. The first Jersey Jack on this list, it’s an ultra-modern machine with a 26 inch flatscreen monitor in the backbox which serves as both the scoreboard and a guide to the game.

The conceit of this machine is that you are saving a SimCity-like town from destructive forces such as aliens, volcanos, whirlwinds, EMP pulses, etc.

Because of the screen there’s not much art directly on the backbox, just a few aliens and monsters and people pointing up and screaming at them in alarm.

The monitor features animated clips that function as backbox art to pull players in when the game isn’t running.

The video above opens with the Jersey Jack logo, then fades to a computer animated city in the background and an animated tutorial for inserting a coin and hitting the start button in a bubble in the foreground. When in free play mode it goes on to stress that up to 4 players can play and no seriously hit the start button already.

When that fades out an animated sign that reads “Welcome to Quantum City” displays. “We’re probably here… and so are you!” is the town’s physics-joke tagline.

After that we swap to the title card: a city skyline behind the title “Dialed In!” Below that the subtitle “What would you do if you had *the power*” displays and a small splash of “Chaos in Quantum City” decorates the corner of the title.

Meanwhile, that beautify city skyline has switched from blue skies to clouds to a meteor bombardment.

So there’s that.

After that the game warns you that it might take your photo and how to shut that off. Then (not shown) it loops through top scores of various types and starts the process over.