A photo for the backglass for Dragon, as described in the post.

Dragon, Interflip 1977.

First of all, the color scheme is red, lime green, hot pink, and a saturated blue.

A pink woman with green hair and exposed breasts lay on the floor, presumably unconscious.

A pink man with a green ponytail, wearing a green scaled thong / banana hammock / whatever you would like to call it stands over the woman.

A five-headed dragon with the body of a snake is… attacking the people? Being forced to attack the woman by the man? Has a really frantic case of the zoomies? Its tail coils down the hall behind them. Its heads look like my dogs when they’re total baffled by a squirrel. The man is holding one of the coils in one hand and preparing to throw a fireball with the other.

Did I mention the walkway they’re on looks like it falls off a cliff on both jagged sides?

I love this era of just wacky-ass art.

Bonus: when you knock down a dragon target on the table (and there’s a bunch of them) the machine tries to roar like a dragon but it really sounds like it’s yelling BAAAOOOOOWWWW