Future Spa

A photo of the backglass for future spa as described in the post

Future Spa, Bally, 1979.

It’s the spa, but in the future!

In the center, a woman and a man run toward the camera. They are wearing futuristic jumpsuits that cover them from head to toe except for windows cut in the torso. Like, on the woman’s sky blue outfit the first window stretches from just above the pubic hair to just below the breasts, and a second window reveals most of the breasts to the collar bone.

Her collar is popped and stands up to her earlobes.

Oddly, she has a belt around her middle despite half the outfit missing.

Did I mention you can see her nipples through the fabric?

Silver and gold matching boots and gloves cap off the ensemble.

The man behind her has a pornstache and 70s hair. His outfit only has one window which stretches from just above the belt buckle, over the pecs and all the way up, essentially meaning that if he doesn’t stand up straight the whole damn outfit could pop off his shoulders.

His pecs and six pack abs are visible to an unfortunate level. His collar is popped and he doesn’t appear to have a neck.

In the top left corner are two moons (or rocky planets). The top right displays curvy futuristic buildings with three more moons in the background.

In the bottom right corner, a creepy man in no shirt and a strange helmet grabs a hold of a glowing bar while he sits in front of a console.

In the bottom left corner a naked man sits in a tub staring at the naked woman standing next to him. She is holding on to the long fabric strap around another woman’s breasts – that woman is on a swing above.

This thing is creepy, at its best.