Photo of the backglass for Heist as described in the post

Heist, Multimorphic, 2020.

The P3 Multimorphic machines are highly modifiable. You buy a cabinet and base kit, then various different games can be played on it. This particular machine is loaded with Heist.

The backglass is a screen (similar to Jersey Jack games) and in this case the screen displays the Heist splash screen. In this case it’s a big (visual size and personal heft) middle aged man in a suit looming over a bunch of other thief-like characters, all in front of a cartoon cityscape.

The playfield is *also* a screen. Which makes things a bit weirder, but also unlike any other game. Here, the playfield is displaying the top scores in the space between the flippers at the bottom and the ramps and toys at the top.

Photo of the playfield, which is a screen, currently displaying the top scores list