The Mandalorian

The backglass of Mandalorian as described in the post

Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Pro edition), 2021, Stern.

It took close to 75 pinball posts for me to get to a Star Wars property, which is really an accomplishment considering how many different ones exist.

It’s still a Stern machine and it’s still a licensed property, so yes, the backglass looks more like marketing material than anything else, but at least now that we’re in the 2020s, we’re getting a little more artistic about it again. This is an illustration, not a photo still or mashup. The Mandalorian stands center stage with the child in front of him, one of the Fetts to the right and a woman I recognize but don’t know the name of to the left. A bunch of other characters are milling around, they’re on a desert planet, and typical Star Wars ships hover in the far background.

(Look, I only watched like two episodes, cut me a break.)

It’s very orange and charcoal, but in a way that’s in line with the show’s aesthetic. Yeah, it’s advertising. Gotta sell machines somehow.

Ultraman Kaiju Rumble

Photo of the backglass for Ultraman Kaiju Rumble as described in the post

Ultraman Kaiju Rumble, by Spooky Pinball, 2021.

I know nothing about Ultraman except that the main character is Ultraman. He’s dead center of the backglass, shooting some kind of white beam at a Godzilla-like monster who is mostly off-camera left. Behind him to the left is another Godzilla-like monster.

Behind him to the right is a jet, a bug-like monster, a monster spouting yellow rays toward the center of the backglass, and the snout of a monster that could be a rhino if his horn wasn’t on backwards and he didn’t look like he was wearing a helmet.

In the bottom right corner some humans in orange jumpsuits and helmets comfort a strange looking fuzzy monster and menace everyone else with ray guns.

This probably makes sense if you have any idea who anyone is, but i do not.

Toy Story 4

Photo of the Toy Story 4 backglass and video screen as described in the post.

Toy Story 4 Limited Edition, Jersey Jack, 2022.

OK first an admission: I haven’t seen Toy Story 4. I know, I know…

The top third of the backglass is a promotional-still style image of Woody tipping his had, Bo Peep looking pensive, and Buzz saluting. Bo Peep has what to me looks like a Weeble (weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!) on her shoulder, but I can’t be 100% sure, having not seen the film.

The majority of the backglass space is a large screen that displays all kinds of animation, explanations on how to start the game, etc. etc. In this picture it’s showing the high scores and allowing Player 1 to enter their initials on a speak-and-spell.

Below the screen, at the bottom edge of the head, Sporky pokes out. Because of course he does.


Photo of the backglass for Heist as described in the post

Heist, Multimorphic, 2020.

The P3 Multimorphic machines are highly modifiable. You buy a cabinet and base kit, then various different games can be played on it. This particular machine is loaded with Heist.

The backglass is a screen (similar to Jersey Jack games) and in this case the screen displays the Heist splash screen. In this case it’s a big (visual size and personal heft) middle aged man in a suit looming over a bunch of other thief-like characters, all in front of a cartoon cityscape.

The playfield is *also* a screen. Which makes things a bit weirder, but also unlike any other game. Here, the playfield is displaying the top scores in the space between the flippers at the bottom and the ramps and toys at the top.

Photo of the playfield, which is a screen, currently displaying the top scores list

Funhouse 2: Rudy’s Nightmare

Funhouse 2.0 Rudy’s Nightmare by Pedretti, as an upgrade kit to Funhouse, 2022.

The upgrade kit provides new boards, backglass, and a new mirror toy to an existing Funhouse machine. The new backglass consists of Rudy, the creepy ventriloquist dummy from Funhouse, front and center. Rudy lookalikes in red jackets instead of blue are to the left and right. Behind them on the left is an angry living hot dog and on the right a human sized monkey with giant cymbals.

Behind them all, Evil Rudy looms over the others.

The creepiest thing about the new game is the obvious nod to Stephen King’s It in the form of the “do you want a balloon?” mode.