Star Trek (Bally, TOS)

A photo of the backglass for Bally's Star Trek as described in the post.

Star Trek, Bally, 1978.

Y’all there are so many Star Trek pinball machines.

In this one, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, and probably Chekov (in the background) are dressed in blue jumpsuits that, if they really were tight enough to show off every muscle group, would probably be cutting off everyone’s circulation.

Kirk has multiple rib lines / muffin tops across his right side.

Spock looks furious.

They are all running around on a yellow landscape with a yellow sky, so considering the year they could be in LA’s smog.

A planet and the ship both loom in the sky to the upper right, which I think indicates everything is about to be torn up by gravity… which does align with the pinball playing experience.