Joker Poker (Solid State)

Photo of the Joker Poker backglass as described in the post

Joker Poker. Gottleib. 1978. Three busty ladies with tiny waists dressed in body suits that are supposed to be joker costumes magic an unending trail of cards to dance around the backglass while purple and red clouds billow in a yellow sky. Trippy. There is no way those outfits are supportive enough for those DDD cups though and your body suit should fold under your breasts.

Jack-Bot: A Pinbot Adventure

Photo of the jack bot backglass as described in the post

Jack-bot, Williams, 1995. In a just world I would be doing Pinbot, Bride of Pinbot, and *then* Jackbot, because I believe that’s the order they came out in.

Jackbot is casino-themed, and the backglass features the Pinbot character holding the Bride of Pinbot character like a man carrying a bride over the threshold.

Bride is kicking off a shoe (robots need shoes?! Oh well they’ve got breasts too so…) and looking as coquette-ish as a Ray Bradbury Era robot could.

Pinbot is, in addition to their bride, carrying a hand of cards, possibly Keno, possibly Poker. Pinbot has what appears to be triple 7s on their casino chest. A planet is up in the top right corner and a space station to the left.

Iron Man

Photo of the Iron Man backglass and topper as described in the post

Iron Man, Stern, 2010. A minimalist period in backglasses, because the only thing here is a picture of Iron Man in front and Monger (the other iron man suit) behind him, almost but not quite back to back. Oh and a topper on the back box that looks like Iron Man’s power supply doohickey.

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast

Photo of the backglass and topper for Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast as described in the post

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro edition). Stern, 2018. The conceit of this one is that mummies (zombies?) are attacking. But apparently the front mummy is also a cyborg carrying a laser pistol. And the next one back is wielding a guitar, one is dressed as a WW2 fighter pilot, one is in a pharaoh headdress, one is a British soldier….

… and there’s a woman to the right in a slinky dress controlling them via magic and a floating pinball maybe? Oh and a giant devil head in the background to the left.

Music is weird, yo.