Day 706: Swampy swamp

I’ve managed to clean up the area around the volcano without getting killed by the volcano.

It’s actually kind of cool — the whole southern area of the map is now cleaned up and neat and harder for things to murder me through.

I’m not sure that my friends would call me a miner anymore. I’m spending so much time on the surface I might as well be a landscaper.

On the other hand, “lawn” isn’t a thing people get in space. We have no single-family homes, no ranches, no trees…

But here there’s no coffee.

So maybe it’s a tie.

Day 705: Thinking about lily pads

Day 705:

There’s a bunch of lily pads outside on the river. They’re heavy enough to hold my weight when I go fishing, but light enough that I can accidentally catch them when I’m fishing. They seem pretty fragile, a good whack against the stem sends them loose. But on the other hand they’re sturdy enough to hold one however-many-pounds me.

It’s kind of fascinating, and maybe a metaphor for life, that we can be both sturdy enough for others to get a lift, and fragile enough to come tumbling down.

They also make a cute squish noise when I walk on them.

Day 704: Underwater, again

Day 704: It’s wet.

But there’s sand.

Does anyone know where I can get some neoprene sheep so I  can knit a proper wet suit?

I am so tired of being cold and wet.

Day 703: indoors again

Day 703:

There’s a very loud thunderstorm overhead and I’ve decided swinging metal tools over my head in this weather is a bad idea.

The nice part is that I don’t need to surface from my mining every few hours to see if it’s still there. It’s doing a very good job of telling me and I’m at least two stories underground.

The not-as-nice part about it is that I’m not outside cleaning up and there could be murderers creeping up on my home again even as I’m writing this.

But at least digging where I am (about a half a story under the river) is safer than digging under lava. Which is good because I’ve gotten drenched twice.

Day 702: more lava adventures

Day 702:

There’s ore under the lava lake.

I know because I started by trying to dig out ore that was south of the lava lake and discovered the ore vein ran right under the lake.

In most places, I’m still protected by a good layer of dirt. But in a few the lava is leaking out of its caldera and dripping into the space I’m digging.

It’s…. nerve wracking.

And yes I know that I could just avoid it. I probably should just avoid it. No point getting killed for some ore.

On the other hand, I’ve been here 700 days, no use not getting killed for some ore.

(This may be the wrong attitude to take, but I’m in a duck-it kind of mood today.)