Day 633: falling skeletons

Day 633:

Still trying to clear the space around this pond lake thing. I got all the ore out of it, but then had to deal with water that, well.

Water doesn’t flow quite the same way here as at home. And by at home I mean on any reasonably sized planet with standard gravity. There, water always flows down and fills everything. Here, sometimes it just decides not to. Like, I get waterfalls where there should just be “sea level”.

So sometimes just to get water to behave like water should, I end up filling holes and leveling the water. Which is the weirdest thing to say short of “I am being hunted by zombies on an unknown asteroid.”

Day 632: all wet all the time

Day 632:

There was a seam of diorite at the bottom of this lake. So you know I spent the entire day diving and bringing up diorite instead of the things I said I would do.

I’m soaked to the bone and sitting as close to the fire as I can without burning myself.

Day 631: where the river meets the lake

Day 631:

While “mining” for sand, I came across yet another underground lake. This one was so close to the river that as soon as I sunk my shovel into the bank they collapsed into one.

So now I have an underground lake with a giant undertow that tries to suck me in any time I’m near it. Fixing that danger became today’s project.

Wasn’t my intent, but that’s the consequences of not watching where you’re digging.

Day 630: More sand

Day 630:

I’m on the hunt for more sand. After getting knocked on the noggin last night I decided some sun and relative safety were in order.

(Okay, honestly, I’m probably safer in one of my caves, but sometimes the boogie men just get inside your head.)

Anyway, I’m on the eastern edge of the river, looking for sand. It almost looks like the environment over here changes… the big tall dark oaks are less prevalent and I think I actually see some conifers.

Of course since I’m on a planetesimal in the middle of space that may or may not have been an experiment on… crap. what’s the word? where you take the planet and make it livable by reengineering it to the molecular level?

that was a hell of a bump on the head.

anyway, re-bio-molecular-whatever-engineered, they might actually be conifers or they might be actual alien life that looks like a conifer but is planning to reach down and bite my head off. Hard to say from a distance.

To this place’s credit, the plant life has been relatively friendly so far.

Anyway, more sand hunting tomorrow most likely. It’s nice out.

Day 629: ow my head

Got clonked on the head by a zombie while I was mining to the northwest today. Not injured but was definitely knocked out… maybe it thought it killed me? I checked for zombie bites — isn’t that’s how they were supposed to work? Or was that vampires? Or warehouses? I can’t remember.

Anyway, heck of a headache, and my map is gone. I wonder why the zombies would want my map.